Masculine Package (alpha male)


1 x 60 minutes 728 Hz frequency + music + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes 963 Hz frequency + nature + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal



The male alpha mind is not just a set of actions and tricks aimed at attracting a woman. It is also a collection of strong male features that should show up in many other areas of life. However, this is not always the case. If you hide your own opinion, you cannot fight for your reasons, you feel trapped in schematic thinking, it’s time to change it! Every time you hide your true self and your values just to become like others and not stand out in the crowd, you lose yourself. Living in contradiction with yourself creates a strong feeling of frustration, bitterness, reduced self-esteem and, in extreme cases, hatred towards oneself. Subconscious affirmations will develop in your subconscious belief that you are good enough and deserve true masculinity. In addition, they implant a deep sense of independence and a departure from the schematic patterns of attitudes or actions. Define yourself again. Show yourself and your world your face!

What can you expect?
• You will start expressing yourself and living in peace with yourself
• You will strengthen all muscles
• You will gain a more masculine tone of voice
• You will become more sexually attractive to women
• You will gain self-confidence
• You will stop worrying about what others think about you

Maskulin Package and it’s contents:
1x Subliminal: For mentality Alpha 1 – 728 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: For mentality Alpha 2 – 963 Hz frequency + sounds of nature + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: For a masculine look – Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal
The optimal use guide subliminal
Explanation of the frequencies used
E-book – Power Subliminal in You

Affirmations used in these recordings:
• I have a great body
• I love my body, I feel and look great
• Everyone admires my body
• I have an amazing body
• I am completely happy and at ease with my body
• I don’t care what anyone thinks of my body
• I love the beach and make the most of it
• I am a social leader and am seen as the alpha male
• Women and men respect me and see me as a leader
• I am naturally dominant and assertive and women notice it
• I am always calm, relaxed and confident no matter what happens
• I take whatever I want and whatever I deserve
• I deserve beautiful women and they come to me naturally
• Women are always attracted to me naturally
• I am confident with women
• I am naturally confident, comfortable, and relaxed around women
• I enjoy approaching and meeting new women
• I am confident enough to talk to any woman
• I deserve to date beautiful women
• Women always find me attractive and interesting
• I always feel excited and positive when meeting new women
• I focus on all the positive possibilities when talking to women
• I feel confident and comfortable to be myself around women
• The conversation flows naturally when I talk with women
• I am naturally attractive
• Women find me naturally attractive
• Women are attracted to me instantly
• I project a sexual, masculine energy out to women
• Women see me as a potential sexual partner
• I have naturally open and inviting body language
• I deserve beautiful women in my life
• I am relaxed, natural and carefree around women
• Women sense my masculine energy and are attracted to me naturally

Uncompressed original quality
High quality convertion-free MP3 file
Duration: 3 x 60 minutes(each one)
These are special Audio mp3 recordings that you can use all day while doing other activities.
All products are delivered electronically and are available immediately!

1 review for Masculine Package (alpha male)

  1. Malcolm Brady

    I love your albums so much, I take them everywhere with me !! They aroused my social self-confidence and a sense of masculinity and I feel that I am burning at work, I express my opinion and speak for myself and I am really noticed – in the good sense of the word 🙂
    Malcolm Brady, Los Angeles, USA

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