Health Package


1 x 60 minutes 528 Hz frequency + music + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes 852 Hz frequency + nature + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal


If you are struggling with health problems or poor well-being, a powerful subliminal session with Binaural Beats is an offer created for you. All you need to do is listen to this Subliminal every morning before starting your activity and in the evening before going to bed. You will notice powerful and positive changes in a short time. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Subliminal messages and suggestions are intended to include your subconscious and use its influence to improve your health and well-being. When your mind absorbs messages related to well-being, a healthy immune system and the divine energy of light, it will start the healing process. Binaural Beats and isochronous sounds include frequencies that are directly related to health and well-being. The combination of subliminal messages and sound therapy will work wonders in your mind, body and soul. You deserve your health!

What can you expect?
• Pain relief
• Tuning to healing energy
• Mind training that will have a positive effect on your well-being
• Cleansing the body of toxins
• Strengthening the immune system

Health package and it’s content:
1x Subliminal: Elimination of psychological problems 1 – 528 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Elimination of psychological problems 2 – 852 Hz frequency + sounds of nature + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Elimination of physical diseases – Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal
The optimal use guide subliminal
Explanation of the frequencies used
E-book – Power Subliminal in You

Affirmations used in these recordings:
• I am in control of my mind and my body
• My mind is in control of the healing and regeneration of my body
• My mind has the power to regenerate my body
• My mind influences and improves the cells in my body
• My mind is in control of all of the cells in my body
• My cells and my DNA are regenerating and repairing
• My physical body is getting younger and regenerating itself
• My mind is constantly sending signals to my body to repair itself
• My body is constantly improving, healing, and regenerating
• I am young in mind and body
• I am pain free
• My pain is easing
• I feel better
• I am healing rapidly
• Blood and energy are flooding to my pain to heal it
• I recover quickly from aches and pains
• I naturally heal my own pain
• My pain is being soothed
• I am a fast healer
• My pain is melting away
• My mind and body is in peak condition
• I am in good health
• My health is excellent
• I feel young and vibrant
• Nutrition flows in abundance round my body
• Energy flows freely round my body
• I have excellent circulation and blood flow
• I feel young and healthy and in full condition
• I am full of life and energy

Uncompressed original quality
High quality convertion-free MP3 file
Duration: 3 x 60 minutes (each one)
These are special Audio mp3 recordings that you can use all day while doing other activities.
All products are delivered electronically and are available immediately!


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