Diet Package (weight loss)


1 x 60 minutes 528 Hz frequency + music + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes 432 Hz frequency + nature + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal


Many people have a bad opinion about themselves, which causes the attraction of various discomfort diseases, which may show too much importance, among others. Nutritional habits and metabolic diseases can also be responsible for this. Physical blockages and destructive beliefs are the main reason why we do not achieve our goals. With this attitude of the subconscious I will never lose weight, no diet will be successful. The Diet Package will help you achieve this figure you have long dreamed of. Stimulation of metabolism, reduction of Appetite for unhealthy food is completely reduced. You will see that you will not recognize yourself. Get the Diet package! and look as good as you can. The choice is yours!

What can you expect?
• Awareness of healthy eating
• Fast, effective and safe reduction of body fat
• Stimulation of metabolism
• Self-love and self-respect
• Burning and fat loss in a fast and effective process

DIET Package and its contents:
1x Subliminal: Healthy eating – 528 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Fast fat reduction – 432 Hz frequency + sounds of nature + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Love and respect yourself – Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal
The optimal use guide subliminal
Explanation of the frequencies used
E-book – Power Subliminal in You

Affirmations used in these recordings:
• I have excellent willpower
• I will stick to my diet
• I enjoy my diet
• My diet feels natural, and I am enjoying my diet
• I enjoy eating healthy food
• I am committed to my diet and losing weight
• I am strong against food temptations
• I am persistent and consistent with my diet
• I am losing weight because of my healthy diet
• I am healthy and slim because of my diet
• I am losing weight
• Weight loss comes naturally to me
• I am losing weight consistently
• I am losing weight safely and naturally
• I am extremely motivated to lose weight
• I have a strong level of willpower
• I stick to my weight loss plan at all times
• I enjoy exercise
• I enjoy eating healthy food
• I lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy food
• I am slim and healthy
• I have a slim waistline
• I am a slim and healthy weight
• I am at my ideal weight and I love myself
• My body is in great condition
• I love my thin and healthy body
• I am at a natural weight level and I feel great
• I have achieved my ideal weight level
• I am at my perfect weight level and my weight is consistent

Uncompressed original quality
High quality convertion-free MP3 file
Duration: 3 x 60 minutes (each one)
These are special Audio mp3 recordings that you can use all day while doing other activities.
All products are delivered electronically and are available immediately!

1 review for Diet Package (weight loss)

  1. Natalie Tigerin

    I am impressed by the quality of your recordings, I downloaded a few, they are the best I’ve tried! I feel lively when I listen and the effects seem to build every time. Right now I see a real difference in the way I think about nutrition, the ideas that reach me, and how uncompromising and light I feel in general – thanks for a great product – like nothing else!
    Natalie Tigerin, Boston, USA

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