Business Package (abundance)


1 x 60 minutes 852 Hz frequency + music + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes 963 Hz frequency + nature + affirmations
1 x 60 minutes Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal


Do you run a business and need to increase sales of your products or services? Do you want to reach as many potential customers as possible? Our professional life is largely determined by internal beliefs as well as by experience from the past. If you have an internal belief that “selling is bad”, it will be difficult for you to succeed in sales. What can you do? Above all, it is worthwhile to remove all internal blockages, which to a large extent hinder internal experiencing, block emotions, and thus – make it difficult to achieve the state of inner happiness. And he is needed to succeed in life, not only private but also business. The Business Package prepared for you can be a driving force that will help you achieve all your goals. Achieving success is a feeling that takes your breath away and motivates you to continue. The Business Package will help you find the key to increase the sales and authenticity of your brand. You will gain many satisfied customers and recognition in your industry! Discover your recipe for success!

What can you expect?
• Greater inflow of money with less involvement
• Greater self-confidence
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Greater authenticity
• New layers of emotional forces that will help you discover your own potential
• You will become a magnet attracting profits

Business Package and its contents:
1x Subliminal: More cash flow 1 – 852 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: More cash flow 2 – 963 Hz frequency + sounds of nature + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Increased customer satisfaction – Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal
The optimal use guide subliminal
Explanation of the frequencies used
E-book – Power Subliminal in You

Affirmations used in these recordings:
• I am an entrepreneur
• I think like an entrepreneur at all times
• I believe in myself and my ability to live as an entrepreneur
• I plan and strategize my ideas constantly
• I am an action taker and take action immediately
• I accept failure and always learn from it
• I enjoy taking calculated risks
• Taking risks helps me to learn, get out of my comfort zone, and become successful
• I am constantly and consistently motivated and ambitious
• I push myself hard constantly and work all out to achieve my dreams
• I am my own boss
• I run my own successful business
• I have achieved financial freedom through my business
• I will achieve total financial independence
• I work harder than ever on my business plans
• I am successful in business
• I believe in myself 100%
• I have confidence in myself and faith in my abilities
• I am persistent and setbacks make me more determined
• Sales comes naturally to me
• I always hit my targets
• I stay positive at all times
• I am always in peak condition and keep a positive mental attitude
• I am energetic and confident at all times
• I am successful in business
• I have excellent communication and presentation skills
• I am very persuasive in business
• I am confident in myself and my business pursuits
• I think outside the box
• I am always aware of possible opportunities
• I am persistent and always find a path to success

Uncompressed original quality
High quality convertion-free MP3 file
Duration: 3 x 60 minutes (each one)
These are special Audio mp3 recordings that you can use all day while doing other activities.
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