Breakup Package


1 x 60 minutes 852 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1 x 60 minutes 528 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1 x 60 minutes Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal


This is a divorce or breakup of a relationship package.
Grieving and moving on after a relationship ends. A breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life. Whatever the reason for the split—and whether you wanted it or not—the breakup of a relationship can turn your whole world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling emotions. As well as grieving the loss of your relationship, you may feel confused, isolated, and fearful about the future. But there are plenty of things you can do to cope with the pain, get through this difficult time, and even move on with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.
This subconscious meditation will help you overcome pain faster by strengthening your value as a unit. It will help you to understand, subconsciously, that despite your disintegration you are still worthy and valuable. That will help you balance the emotional system and facilitate the release of negative feelings, such as anger, sorrow and guilt, which in no way serve you. That subliminals messages will help you also open your heart chakra for new begganings, calmness and maybe new love.

What can you expect?
• Release yourself from pain
• Accept the fact that your relationship or marriage is over
• Eliminate negative feelings like sadness, anger and regret
• Forgive your ex-partner
• Find inner peace and rebuild your self-esteem
• Give up mental blockages to meet new people
• Look optimistically into the future
• Look forward to an impulse of heart

Breakup Package and its contents:
1x Subliminal: Release pain – 852 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Eliminate negative feelings – 528 Hz frequency + music + silent affirmations
1x Subliminal: Open heart chakra – Binaural beat + music + silent subliminal
The optimal use guide subliminal
Explanation of the frequencies used
E-book – Power Subliminal in You

Affirmations Used In These Recordings:
• I remain calm in stressful situations
• My tension and stress is slipping away
• My worries will pass
• I always find a more positive outlet for my sadness
• I am in control of my emotions
• I feel brave and safe
• I am beautiful just as I am
• I am moving on with my life joyfully
• I live each day more fully and peacefully
• It is right for me to fully release my ex from my heart
• I am freeing my heart and soul
• It is fine and right for me to accept that my relationship is over
• I am on my way to attract a wonderful loving relationship
• I am ready to share my love with someone special

Uncompressed original quality
High quality convertion-free MP3 file
Duration: 60 minutes
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