How it works?

What are subliminals?
It is music in which there is a special, unique soundtrack providing positive suggestions. Through this audio technology, thousands of positive suggestions are sent to the subconscious where they develop their effect.

How it’s working?
In our subconscious, all our memories, feelings and opinions are stored. All the experiences we have created emerge patterns that affect us all the time. Subliminals are created on sound frequencies with subliminal affirmations that can be used to remove negative patterns and beliefs and to pass positive thoughts and feelings, which then directly affect the change of our thinking.
At the subconscious level, one can change the thinking and perception of oneself, which then translates into changes at the conscious level.

1. Subliminals contain positive messages encoded in sound. They are absorbed subconsciously.
2. Because you do not understand them, they consciously go through critical resistance, directly affecting the subconscious.
3. Your subconscious accept these messages and follow the instructions for new beliefs.
4. Your reality is synchronizing again and reflects your new internal patterns. Congratulations!!!

What can I use Subliminal for?
The Subliminals of company Amaranthine Mind successfully enabled thousands of people to make changes in the areas of life … which were previously considered unchangeable. It can affect the look, finances, love, health and everything else that belongs to a happy life. In each area, the subconscious plays a leading role, and thus offers great potential for creating real successes thanks to subliminals.

Subliminals help you achieve the following goals:
1. Reprogram the body (examples: hair growth, skin regeneration, muscle growth)
2. Break harmful habits (examples: laziness, negative obsessions)
3. Healing emotional trauma (examples: negative childhood experiences)
4. Removing doubts and fears (examples: doubts about appearance, fear of picking up a woman / man)
5. Cleansing blocking beliefs (examples: “I’m not worth anything. Rich people are cheats.”)
6. Remove addictions and phobias (examples: addiction to nicotine, addiction to the computer)
7. …and a lot more