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How to strengthen the subliminal effect?

A human being is so constructed to do everything “rationally”, always considers. For most people, it looks …

like the negative aspects are more balanced, especially because we’re more used to them. Perhaps the time invested in listening seems more important than the ultimate goal of making a big step forward. Destructive doubt turns an effective opportunity into an ineffective waste of time. After successfully building numerous subconscious locks, most people are happy and say: “Well, see? From the beginning, I said that it does not work. ”
So keep a positive attitude. Even during the first listening there are subtle processes that bring you closer to your goal! Before you can see visible results, you need to lay down certain foundations.

Stay patient
One person, thousands of problems, limited time. This is the starting point in which we all are. If you finally found a solution to your problems in subliminals, you can expect success in a few hours. Sometimes it is possible, but usually takes a few days or weeks. I would like to remind the doubters that they receive a tool that has the power to solve problems that could not be solved otherwise. For example: how is it possible to change the physical properties of a body without surgery?  Millions of people do not know this solution and in vain, for a long time they try to change their lives and eliminate problems in the usual way. Enjoy that you know this opportunity and know how to use it! Success simply takes time. What are 3 months of patient waiting in comparison to all life without a solution?

Trust yourself
Your expectations determine the time of success. A lot of people are demotivated with the  initial stagnation. Such people think that nothing will happen. They’re losing their faith. Meanwhile, the art of using subliminals depends on trusting the process despite the lack of premises indicating that they operate. You must trust yourself unconditionally. It sounds paradoxically and theoretically so. Without trust and willpower, achieving success will take much longer. When we are born, there is already an elementary trust between the child and the mother. The same relationship must exist between subliminal and you. Subliminal suggestions come into contact with your subconscious. It allows us to translate suggestions into reality thanks to a conscious strength of will. Trust yourself and your subconscious. Subliminals are just a signal, a determinant of the direction, that you go where you want to go. This Power is deep in You.

Let go
For subliminals it is important to maintain a certain distance. For example, when I try to make changes to my body, I cannot look at myself in the mirror 5 times a day, observe individual parts of the body and expect something to change. Why? Because if it does not change, I replace the suggestions with old beliefs. Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between visualizations that arise as a result of suggestion and reality. If she has already been successful and tries to implement it, but you are standing in front of the mirror, saying that nothing has changed again, you overwrite these successes with the previous state.