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How do subliminals work?

It is difficult to find an exact explanation, so I will try to explain it by analogy.

The functioning of Subliminali is comparable to peripheral perception, because positive affirmations work even when the listener is not aware of this process. On our retina, the stamens and cones are not evenly spaced – this has an effect on our perception. So the center of our field of vision is always sharp and colorful, and the edge is dark and colorless. In a big simplification – we focus our vision on the central point we look at.

For example – if we observe an object and it becomes more and more blurred and out of focus, the visual accuracy of what we see deteriorates. This concept can be transferred to our auditory perception! We are talking here about the threshold of hearing or the listening area – this is a lower limitation of sounds that we humans can see. At this threshold, our conscious mind is able to decipher 50% of sounds. Sometimes we understand something and sometimes not. For Subliminali it is necessary to reach this threshold. Some suggestions remain audible with awareness, while others are not understandable and we are unable to capture individual words or sentences.

Important! Our subconscious also absorbs any suggestions that we can not hear anymore!