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What is psychosomatic?

Psychosomatics is a concept that describes human’s health as a combination of a healthy body and mind.

It describes how the body and mind cooperate with each other and what interactions occur between them.

Numerous mental and emotional problems are reflected at the physical level. Some experts go even further and think that each disease can be attributed to a specific mental problem. A lot of physical illnesses have no medical explanation, moreover – it is difficult to find their cause.

Many mental problems are located in particular organs of the body, affecting their improper work, and thus – the formation of disease. A good example may be irritable bowel syndrome or frequent recurring abdominal pain. Their cause is often suppressed emotions or long-term life under severe stress.

In summary: our subconscious problems can cause real physical illnesses and ailments.

If you have physical ailments which sources you cannot detect, you should definitely consider their psychosomatic origin.

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